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  CKE has cat enclosures, cat cages and outdoor cat enclosures for your cat run needs, we service Melbourne and have Australia wide delivery service.

 Cat cages, outdoor cat enclosures, and a cat run are a great way for your feline to enjoy the great outdoors, in Melbourne with Australia wide delivery. Your cat is going to love having a outdoor cat enclosure in your backyard.

 Outdoor cat enclosures and a cat run connected to your house works really good, we offer installation in Melbourne with Australia wide delivery. Cat enclosures are not just a cat cage when it is connected to your house.

  A cat run in Melbourne Australia is becoming very popular. cat enclosures, cat cages are the best choice for your feline. outdoor cat enclosures also give you that peace of mind that your cat is safe outdoors in your backyard.

  Melbourne Australia is were we are based, and all of our cat enclosures, cat cages are galvanized wire mesh, that is ideal for outdoor cat enclosures and a cat run. We want your feline to enjoy many years out in the great outdoors.

  You and your feline are going to love the benefits, from having a cat enclosure, they are not, just a cat cage. An outdoor cat enclosure and cat run is an adventure playground for your feline. If you live in Melbourne call in and check out the enclosures on display. Or send us an email for Australia wide delivery.

  Here at C.K.E we specialize in quality Cat Enclosures that connect to your house.  Allowing your feline to be out in the fresh air or inside with you. Installing a cat door to your  house and using Runner to connect it together.

 This way your cat has the choice weather to be in or out.  If you pamper  your cat it will come inside to see you, before heading back outside into their kingdom. We use quality heavy duty galvanized wire mesh that will last for years to come.

Cat Enclosures Australia   Interstate purchases available
 Please email for delivery cost.
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Cat Enclosure

 Why Invest in a Outdoor Cat Enclosure

  Why invest in  Cat Enclosure for your beloved cat. Local by-laws: Not all councils have the same by-laws regarding the confining of cats, please check with your local council. Under the domestic animal act, 1996 are required to be registered with the local council.  And to display the registration tag supplied, and in some areas to be confined to the owners property, for part of, or all of the day.  (read more) 

The King or Queen With Our Cat Enclosures

  Allow your cat to be the king or queen, with its own kingdom set up in your backyard.  C.K.E give peace of mind to an increasing population of cat owners, knowing there pet is safe and secure at home. With our Cat Enclosures your cat is able to explore through the garden or run along the fence with our ground and aerial runners. keep reading

Cat Enclosures Keeping Your Cat Safe

  It is very common for people to keep their pets indoors because of the fear of losing their pet by straying too far   from home or being involved in an accident. While keeping your friend indoors eliminates certain dangers. There is no doubt that cats enjoy being outside, you only have to see them stretch in the rays of sunshine one time to realise how much they enjoy the outdoors.

  But if you live in the city where your cats can  run out onto busy  streets or get lost, letting them go outside can be a worry and a stressful  thought. Even if you live in the suburbs and rural areas, there are all sorts of dangerous places and  predators out there that can hurt your pets.

     we also have a range of pet products that have been hand selected. the products all have a high star ratings and reviews. to ensure you only get the best on the market.
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