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Fortress Cat Enclosure

Fortress Cat Enclosure thumbnail  The Fortress is our most popular cat enclosure being a convenient size the Fortress will go in a fairly small area. Down the side of your house or on your decking or patio. There is enough room for a 2nd day bed, for more than 1 cat. The enclosure is 180cm long x 90cm wide x 180cm high, 6x3x6ft, the ground area is 180 x 90 cm.  See below for exact measurements.

 The kit contains the 1 x Fortress, 1 x day bed, 3 steps, assembly clips, PDF instructions and ground pegs to secure it in place.

  If it is going on a hard surface we recommend securing it in place with 6 galvanized Tec-screws. However it will also sit in place without being secured down for those that want to be able to move it around the yard.  We recommend connecting the enclosures to your house or building with some tunnel Runners going to a cat door in the window or wall, to create a cat run that allows your cat to do as it pleases.

  You can also add some clear polycarbonate roofing to keep out the rain, allowing a dry area for a sand box.  Have a sand box (litter tray) with dry loose dirt and or sand and your cat will love using it. We recommend having a litter tray inside and out.

Fortress Cat Enclosure With Runners

 Product Specifications

  • Fortress Eco Kit $310.00 (economy kit)
  • Heavy Duty Galvanized Welded Wire Mesh
  • 25x25 mm Squares x 2mm Diameter
  • 1760 L x 880 D x 1760 H mm
  • Door Opening Size: 1010 H x 535 W mm
  • Economy Kit Contains: 1 x Fortress, C-clips for assembly, Ground Pegs and PDF instructions.
  • Complete Kit Contains: 1 x Fortress, 3 Steps, 1 Day Bed, C-clips for assembly, Ground Pegs and PDF instructions.

 Optional Extras

  • C-clip Pliers (enclosure assembly)
  • 2nd Day Bed
  • Flat Roofing (clear polycarbonate)
  • Gable Roofing (timber or clear polycarbonate)
  • Timber Toilet or Sleep Box
  • Steel Frame Door
Purchasing A cat Enclosure Report
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This free 12 page report is full of pictures and ideas to help you plan and decide on the right cat enclosure and cat run, to suit you, your cat and your backyard.

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Delivery Australia Wide

Get an instant quote from Pack & Send to get your cat enclosure delivered to your door.

 Details you will need to get delivery cost
2 x Pre Packaged Parcels
1 x Weight =24kg, Size = 178 L x 89 W x 13 cm D
1 x Weight =5kg, Size = 87 L x37 D x 11 cm D

Lilydale is the starting destination

Packaging is also an extra $30 on top of the enclosure cost.