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  • Ground Runner Along The Edge Of Garden
  • Ground Runner Diverted
  • Ground Runner Along Fence
  • Ground Runner Corner
  • Ground Runner Through Garden
  • Ground Runner Connected To Door
  • Ground Runner To Enclosure
  • Ground Runner From Window To Enclosure
Ground Runner Along The Edge Of Garden1 Ground Runner Diverted2 Ground Runner Along Fence3 Ground Runner Corner4 Ground Runner Through Garden5 Ground Runner Connected To Door6 Ground Runner To Enclosure7 Ground Runner From Window To Enclosure8

Ground Runner

The Ground Runner is great way to allow your cat to be able to run through your garden if you have some Ground runner connected to your Cat Enclosure.  Your cat can enjoy the grass or earth between it's claws.  They are also a great way to connect 2 or more Cat Enclosures together for even more room for you feline to enjoy the great outdoors.  They are also use to link the Enclosure up to you house with a cat flap in the window or wall.


 Product Specifications

  • Ground Runner Start at $30.00 per 900 mm / $45 per 1800 mm
  • Heavy Duty Galvanized Welded Wire Mesh
  • 25x25 mm Squares x 2mm Diameter
  • 1800 L x 300 W x 280 H mm Small
  • 1800 L x 350 W x 410 H mm Standard

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1 x Weight =2kg, Size = 90 L x35 W x 41cm D

Lilydale is the starting destination, Packaging is also an extra $10.