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Cat Enclosures

   Cat Enclosures


   Here at CKE we have a selection of enclosures to suit you and your cats needs. They can be purchased in kit form and put together yourself, or they can be assembled and installed for you.

Using ground and or aerial runners to connect your enclosure to your house or an existing building, with a cat door either in a window or through a wall..

gate house on patio

   Gate House Cat Enclosure


   The Gatehouse is an horizontal Cat Enclosure that is 180cm long x 90cm wide x 90cm high, 6x3x3ft see below for exact measurements. The ground area is 180 x 90 cm allowing the sunbathing cat the extra space while it snoozes or plays on the grass.

It's also an ideal enclosure to go under your window, without blocking your view or it can also go up on a flat carport roof for a great lookout.. more detail

watch house on decking

   Watch House Cat Enclosure


  The Watch House is a small upright cat enclosure giving your special friend the perfect view of its surroundings, while being either up high on the day bed or steps, or down low at ground level doing as it pleases.


  The enclosure is 90cm long x 90cm wide x 180cm high, 3x3x6ft see below for exact measurements. The ground area is 90 x 90 cm... more info

fortress with litter box enclosure

   Fortress Cat Enclosure


  The Fortress is our most popular cat enclosure being a convenient size the Fortress will go in a fairly small area. Down the side of your house or on your decking or patio. 


  There is enough room for a 2nd day bed, for more than 1 cat.  The enclosure is 180cm long x 90cm wide x 180cm high, 6x3x6ft,  the ground area is 180 x 90 cm... keep reading

slimeline palace with litter box enclosure

  Slimline Palace Cat Enclosure


  The Slimline Palace is a medium to large size cat enclosure, it is a long narrow enclosure which is great for those areas with restricted space.


  This enclosure will fit down the side of your house or in a area that is long and narrow...  more info



castle cat enclosure on grass

  Castle Cat Enclosure


  The Castle is a large square shaped cat enclosure, that allows permanent natural fixtures such as shrubs or small trees within the enclosure and still giving playing areas and viewing points...  more detail



   Palace Cat Enclosure


  Being a large area 2.65 x 1.76 mtr it is great for multiple cats, that get along together or are not so friendly towards each other.


  This Cat Enclosure is big enough for about 4-5 cats while giving them frolicking area amongst small shrubs and trees or additional toys, litter trays, bowls and potted plants... keep reading




how to build a cat enclosure




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