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Custom Cat Enclosures 

  We also make customized cat enclosures to suit your needs,  When designing you should have wire mesh on the lower half of the enclosure (the sides) and the top section can be netting material.  This will help prevent your cat getting out by chewing a hole in the material netting over a period of time.

  This system works great for down the side of your house, using the fence and the house as part of your cat enclosure/cat run it will give your felines plenty of room to enjoy themselves outside in a safe environment.  We also use this system for our fence netting, when a section of wall is required, usually there is a wall at each end with a door for access to the enclosure. 

  You can still link the custom cat run up to your window with a cat door installed in the wall or window, so your cats can come and go as they please, while still giving you the option to lock the cat door if you want them outside for the day.

  In the design you want to include some platforms for your felines to relax on, having some ramps and platforms on the fence or even better on the house wall with a lookout point with the best view, will be a desired place your cat will love to spend time snoozing while still keeping a birds eye view on it's surroundings.





How To Design A Cat Enclosure
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