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Litter Box Enclosure For Your Cats

  A litter box enclosure in outdoor cat enclosures gives you a lot more choices than a indoor alternative.  For starters you can use dirt out of your garden or you can mix a little sand in if it needs loosening up. Felines like to be able to clean up after themselves by covering up their feces, so it is very important that the litter substance is dry and loose.

The only thing is that because they are going in the same spot it is consistent job to keep it that way. It works best if the fluid (urine) can drain away.

Cat Enclosure with Litter Box On The End   Wire mesh litter box with lift up lid

  In the pictures above we have a timber box that is attached to the enclosure on the outside. It has a lift up lid for easy access to the litter tray, it has a round hole on the side that is connected to the enclosure for the cats access.

Picture on right: is a outdoor wire mesh litter box enclosure, it has a lift up weather proof roofing and a door on the side for easy access to the litter tray. the idea is that you slide the tray out to clean it.

  Another option is to have what i like to call is a sand box, which can be a simple as 4 pieces of timber to create the sides and some dry loose dirt or sand placed in it.  In the picture below we have a timber box that has a wire base and it is elevated of the ground to allow for drainage.

Timber Litter Box Side

 This way the dirt stays mostly dry because the fluid goes straight through the base of the box. To do this you can sit the box on some bricks or paves in each corner of the box, to get it up off the ground.

The litter box in the picture has 4 timber blocks to elevate it. For the dirt to stay dry from the weather the enclosure needs to have some water proof roofing above the sand box.

  Then when it is time to clean it you can use a small plastic rake and shovel to pick up the solids, the same way that you would if it was an inside litter tray, the difference is that the solids are easy to sift out of the box.

  On a warm day it will shrink down in size and hardens up, which makes it easy to pick up and you don't have to keep on replacing the dirt, yes you will need to top it up every now and then. If you have a container to store some in you will always have some on hand even in winter when the ground can get pretty wet.

Timber Litter Box Side

  To make the sand box i used treated pine fence material 2 lengths 45cm long fence palling and 2 pieces of 55 cm plinth board,  The overall size is 58 x 45 x 15h cm. If you have more than 1 cat i would make it bigger, this way it won't fill up as quick.  The base is 2mm wire mesh, if you are using a standard mesh just use 2 layers to give it some strength. Then place 2 layers of shade cloth to hold the dirt in the box.

  Now all you need is some nice dry dirt to add in the litter box and if your cat is anything like mine it will love it, as well as the money you will save from not having to buy cat litter all the time. If you have the cat enclosure connected to the house it is recommended that you still keep a litter tray indoors as well, but you should find that they will prefer the outside litter box.

Wikipedia Litter Box Training

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