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Cat Enclosure Accessories

  The Timber Litter Box Enclosure has a lift up lid, making easy access for maintenance, it can be free standing and linked up to a cat run with the tunnels, Or it can be connected to the side of the enclosure.


  It can be placed on legs to get it off the ground if you want to use 1 as a sleep box. It has a round access hole for the cats, if it is going on the side of your enclosure it is just a matter of cutting a small hole in the enclosure to line up with the hole in the box. Then it gets 4 screws to secure it in place.


  The Wire Mesh Litter Box Enclosure is made from the same heavy duty wire mesh that the enclosures are made from.  It is raised off the ground with a stand, making easy access for cleaning.


  It has a lift up lid, with clear Polycarbonate roofing to keep it dry. There is a side access door for the litter tray to slide in and out easily. It is designed to be connected to a cat run using aerial runner on one of the sides.  You can also purchase it as a ground litter box enclosure if you are using Ground Runner for your cat run enclosure.


  The Day Beds and Steps are made from the same heavy duty wire mesh as the enclosures, they have 3 layers, the wire mesh, plastic mesh for support and shade cloth.  We have found this combination to be more friendly and last longer than the timber platforms as they do not have any give, and they can be very slippery for your cat if they get even a few drops of water on them.


  The Day Bed is the larger platform that usually goes up the top of the enclosure and the steps are a smaller platform that lead up to the Day Bed. 



  We use a clear polycarbonate for the roofing,  It is robust and doesn't block any viewing pleasure for our cats.


  It can easily be added to an existing or new cat enclosure, which will allow your cat to be out on those wet days.