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Frequently asked Questions

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Q/ Do the enclosures come with assembly instructions
A/ Yes all our enclosures have step by step full detailed instructions with pictures, we can also supply a PDF to zoom in on the pictures.
Q/ Do the enclosures have a access doorway for me to get in
A/ Yes all our enclosures have a doorway that is big enough for us to get in the enclosures.
Q/ Are the enclosures hard to put together
A/ If you use the c-clips Pliers that are designed for the c-clips, it will make the process fairly straight forward.
Q/ How do the enclosures go together
A/ The enclosures and platforms go together with c-Clips, we recommend that you use the special designed c-Clip Pliers
Q/ How do the tunnels connect to the enclosures
A/ The tunnels connect to the enclosures with the same c-Clips as the enclosures are assembled.
Q/ Can i move the enclosure around my backyard
As long as the enclosure is free standing there is nothing stopping you from moving the enclosure around your backyard.
Q/ How do i purchase a cat enclosure now
If you are wanting to purchase right now, go to this url  Purchase Cat Enclosure. Or email us at



Cat   Enclosure Report
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This free 12 page report is full of pictures and ideas to help you plan and decide on the right cat enclosure and cat run, to suit you, your cat and your backyard.
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